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    Data Rate

    1244Mb/s downstream and 2488Mb/s upstream


    Small form factor pluggable, simplex SC





MikroTik SFP module SFPONU

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The GPON module allows any RouterBOARD device to be used for Fiber to Home installations without any special modems or software. A plug and play solution means you simply plug it into your device, and no special configuration is needed. It is supported by all our SFP products, with any RouterOS version - all configuration will be done on the ISP side. This module is a G.984.5 Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) packaging. The module integrates a bi-directional optical transceiver function and GPON MAC function. By being plugged into the customer premise equipment (CPE) with standard SFP port directly, the GPON provides an asymmetric 1.244Gbps upstream 2.488 Gbps downstream GPON uplink to the CPE without requiring separate power supply. It supports a sophisticated ONT management system, including alarms, provisioning, DHCP and IGMP functions for a stand-alone IPTV solution at the ONT, Time of Day and 1PPS interface. The GPON ONU module can be managed from the OLT over the GPON using G.988 OMCI. It fits seamlessly into existing communications equipment, providing service providers with a smooth upgrade to GPON. The GPON solution vastly decreases the installation costs of deploying fibre access in MDUs and enables service providers to improve their revenue streams while decreasing OPEX.

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