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Form Factor 1 RU, Management Interfaces 2 x 1GbE (RJ-45) IPv6 capable, Monitoring Interfaces (Fixed) 4 x 1GbE (RJ-45) integrated bypass, Interface Modules (Pluggable) N/A, Monitoring Interfaces (Max.) 1 GbE – Up to 4 10 GbE – N/A, Supported Physical media types 100/1000 RJ-45, Redundant PSU Yes – Optional, Inspected Throughput Up to 800 Mbps, Protected Segments 2, Flexible Performance Levels (FPL) All appliance comes with FPL 1 base FPL 1: 400 Mbps, FPL 2: 800 Mbps, Inspected SSL Throughput (inbound) Up to 500 Mbps, Inspected SSL Throughput (outbound) Up to 400 Mbps, Max Throughput (UDP) 3.5 Gbps, Connections per second (HTTP) 10K, Concurrent Sessions (HTTP) 500K, Average Latency < 150 μs.

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