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Fiber optic splice closure provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint. It’s water & dust proof and suitable for aerial, dust, wall-mounted or buried applications. FOSC-H005 provide with 4 fiber cable in-out round ports and the cable diameter is from 7-16mm. It is widely applied to the splicing and distributing variable optical cables by aerial,duct and burier. This product is made of high-quality ABS or PC plastic and with the mechanical seal structure filled with the seal material. The external component and fastening piece are all made of the high-quality stainless steel. It can be opened after sealing and can be reused without changing sealing material, with silicone rubber insulation tape.

Giới thiệu

Product Description

Fiber optic splice closure:

1. Water & dust proof. 

2. Aerial, dust, wall-mounted applications. 

3. ABS or PC materital. 


1. High quality PC, ABS, PPR material optional.

2. Used in straight-through and branch application for cables of bundle fiber and ribbon fiber.

3. Trays can be increased or reduced according to the application.

4. Perfect outline, thunder, erosion & aging resistance.

5. Strong and reasonable structure with mechanical sealing structure filled with silicon rubber material, it can be opened after sealing and can be reused.

6. Solid structure, easy to operation and maintain.

7. Well water & dust proof.

8. Suitable for aerial, duct, wall-mounted or buried.


1. Aerial -hanger.

2. Wall-mounting. 

3. Directly buried.

Dimension and capacity

Dimension (mm)

46.5 X 18.5 X 120

Weight (Kg)


Cable diameter(mm)


Cable entry ports

Two cables entry ports on each end

Max. Capacity of fiber splice tray


Max. Capacity


Sealing structure

Sticky cincture or silicon gum material

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